Postdoc Salaries

SEIJI KUDO sei0313 at
Wed Feb 19 05:37:13 EST 1997

Dear friend,

   I am a Japanese Urologist who has 3 years experience in the USA as a
post-doctoral fellow.  My dept. was not in NIH, but I had many friends
who had came from NIH.  They told me NIH sarary was almost same as you
mentioned.  However.....  I was paid nothing first year, $10k second year
and $25K third year.  How does it sound?  NIH sounds better, doesn't it? 
Although I was not paid much, I'm very satisfied.  Because they were very
kind for me and for my family.  I was also able to get my baby who was
born in the USA and publish many papers.  Good luck!

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