Betty Bridges bcb56 at
Wed Jan 1 22:23:30 EST 1997

A search on the Internet using the Altavista Search Engine yield some
interesting information  I used the search terms "complement system"

URL for Altavista:

The complement system apparently plays an important part in the immune 
system.  Disfunctions in the system can cause immune system disorders. 
This is very interesting stuff.  I don't understand it well enough to 
explain it but follows is an excerpt and the URL from the web site that
has a great deal on it.

"The biological importance of the complement system for the maintenance
of a functional host defence is impressively illustrated by the 
markedly increased susceptibility to infection and the predisposition 
to diseases observed in some congenital or acquired deficiencies of 
complement components or complement regulatory proteins."

Betty Bridges, RN

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