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I am in the process of writing the syllabus for my senior-level
Immunobiology course. The text I am using is Janeway and Travers and much of
the content is cut and dried. But I also want to involve the students
directly in the evaluation of contemporary research. In the past, this has
not worked too well. Open-ended term papers are usually too general,  boring
to write and torture to read. I have tried the other end of the spectrum
with better success, asking students to pick a single current research paper
and write a paper presenting the material as they would to an undergraduate
audience. This is basically a lesson in translation. The problem is that
they fail to see the forest in describing their particular tree. So I am
trying something new. In addition to Janeway and Travers, they will read
"AIDS Update" by Gerald Stine, focusing on the immunology of AIDS. Each
student, then, will work on a single topic about AIDS, focusing on the
immunology of AIDS, not the virology or the epidemiology. So I need topics.
All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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