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Ralph.A.Sorensen at CC.GETTYSBURG.EDU ("Ralph A. Sorensen") wrote:
>So I am
>trying something new. In addition to Janeway and Travers, they will read
>"AIDS Update" by Gerald Stine, focusing on the immunology of AIDS. Each
>student, then, will work on a single topic about AIDS, focusing on the
>immunology of AIDS, not the virology or the epidemiology. So I need topics.
>All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
I'm only a garden variety AIDS activist but I have a multitude of
interesting suggestions. One is the ratio of infected to uninfected
cells undergoing apoptosis. The role of infected macrophages in that
process. Downregulation of surface receptors like CD4 or CD28. Recent
evidence suggests the number of T cell receptors will influence
activation or not--does HIV play a role here? Get a
receptor-by-receptor breakdown of various cell types and how they may
be dysregulated in people with HIV. Review the immunological role of
HIV "hanging out" in the processes of follicular dendritic cell.
Discuss the role of oxidative stress on immune function. Review the
effects of hypergammaglobulinemia and B cell overactivation. Review
gamma-delta T cell function in intestinal lumen? What is effect of HIV
infection at each stage from stem cell to thymic microenvironment
differentiation of CD4 and CD8 cells. The role of CTL's in controlling
HIV and/or exacerbating lung problems. The role of alveolar
macrophages. Oy vey, there's plenty more! Get the kids to read
Immunology Today.

		George M. Carter

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