PLant DISEASE: Japanese maple

Garvin Lee Garvin at
Tue Jan 7 19:49:18 EST 1997

I'm writing to ask for some help with a disease that affects Japanese
Maples--Acer Palmatum XXXXX   I believe.

The symptoms of this disease are some crimson red spots that appear on
the tree trunk only.  The spots are about 2mm in diameter and are
spaced about 1-1.5 cm apart.  My mother, as it is her plant, says that
the spots appear to be "growing" in diagonal rows across the tree
trunk and the distance between adjacent rows is about 1.5 cm.

Last year, my mother spoke to a gardener about the spots and he
diagnosed it as a disease and instructed my mother to trim off parts
of the tree.  My mother has since chopped off a good third of the tree
and was devastated to discover that the disease returned this summer.
Any help that you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Happy New Year.


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