human j chain signal seq?

M. Preston preston at
Thu Jan 9 17:10:55 EST 1997

I am working on an expression system for human secretory IgA.  I have a
cDNA clone of the human J chain but it does not contain the signal
sequence.  I cannot seem to find the sequence in genbank (has a genomic
clone but missing the sig seq exon) or Kabat (by computer).  The only copy
of the 1991 book version of Kabat is out of the library until the 16th.  
   If anyone has access to Kabats Sequences of proteins of immunologic
could you look to see if it is there.

   The other option is to just use the mouse signal sequence, which is in
Kabat.  These antibodies will be expressed in CHO cells.  Does anyone
forsee a problem with this strategy?  A Blast search using the mouse
signal peptide sequence turned up no other mouse signal seqs so I assume
that it has a unique function so that I should probably be careful about
which signal sequence I use.
   My knowlege of protein trafficking is pretty weak.
   All comments and suggestions appreciated.


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