Looking for Non serum culture medium

rick schuman r1623 at erols.com
Thu Jan 9 17:08:19 EST 1997

Patti W. Jareo wrote:
> Both Sigma and Gibco BRL have media that would be worth your time to
> look into.  Growth is slower in these media, but the cells do appear to
> be healthy and produce antibodies just fine.
> Good luck.

I have found GIBCO's Hybridoma SFM to be an excellent serum-free medium. 
 However, it does contain protein.  I also find that with this medium 
and most other serum-free media for hybridomas the cells die quickly 
when they reach high densities and should be split back regularly.  I 
usually add 0.1% FBS to serum-free medium and the cells seem to grow 
faster and appear more robust.

Sigma has a serum-free hybridoma medium that is also protein-free.  It 
is quite good, but the adaptation of the cells from "regular" medium 
requires more time and greater care.

Rick Schuman

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