human j chain signal seq?

Mike Preston mpreston at
Fri Jan 10 10:22:21 EST 1997

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> I am working on an expression system for human secretory IgA.  I have a
> cDNA clone of the human J chain but it does not contain the signal
> sequence.  I cannot seem to find the sequence in genbank (has a genomic
> clone but missing the sig seq exon) or Kabat (by computer).  The only copy
> of the 1991 book version of Kabat is out of the library until the 16th.  
>    If anyone has access to Kabats Sequences of proteins of immunologic
> interest...
> could you look to see if it is there.
>    The other option is to just use the mouse signal sequence, which is in
> Kabat.  These antibodies will be expressed in CHO cells.  Does anyone
> forsee a problem with this strategy?  A Blast search using the mouse
> signal peptide sequence turned up no other mouse signal seqs so I assume
> that it has a unique function so that I should probably be careful about
> which signal sequence I use.
>    My knowlege of protein trafficking is pretty weak.
>    All comments and suggestions appreciated.
> Mike

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