mouse Fab purification

Pete bss3pk at
Mon Jan 13 06:52:34 EST 1997

A.Marshall1 at (A Marshall) wrote:

>Please could anyone tell me what is the best way to purify mouse Fab 
>proteins. The Fab is being expressed in a bacterial system. I have 
>tried anti-IgG-agarose affinity purification but this was unsuccessful 
>and am about to try Protein G.
>Any advice would be appreciated.

Save your time/money, the Protein G is also unlikely to work  it binds
to the Fc region of the intact antibody (which you don't have).

Was the anti-IgG heavy or light chain specific? You must use
antibodies which have anti-light chain x-reactivities - for the same
reason as above.

Also, did you check that your anti-IgG affinity column could actually
purify intact mouse IgG?


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