Uk gentleman requires help

V PARKER V.Parker at
Thu Jan 16 09:58:34 EST 1997

Good morning,

I am writing from England for a friend who as been diagnosed with Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukemia (correct me if the spelling is wrong).  he has now
also been having problems with his thyroid gland due to the chemotherapy.

This may not be your area of work, however i read somewhere that melatonin
helps regulate the thyroid gland.

My friend is not happy about being pumped full of a lot of drugs even
though they are there to help him, and is looking to see if there are any
*natural* ways in which the problems can be helped, rather than cured.

What vitamins/minerals etc etc are needed to ensure the thyroid glands
work correctly ??? Our line of thinking is that if his diet can be
adjusted to provide the optimum nutrional requirements to help his
condition, then he may recover better from the chemotherapy etc because he
is getting all he needs naturally, which surely can only be of benefit to
the overall healing and treatment process.

If this is not your field, please could you forward it to any friends you
may have who may be able to help, 

				Yours sincerely

			V.Parker  V.Parker at

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