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I have a 20 month old with severe allergies to foods. The worst of them

are to Milk and Eggs followed by Beef and Peas. She also has slight

allergies to corn, wheat, oranges, and soy. Actually of all of the foods

she has been tested for the only thing she has NO reaction to is pork

(these are the results of a RAST test).

Her symptoms include swollen eyes and face, redness, egzyma, and most of

all itchyness and hives. This is tolerable when the cause is known but

she breaks out constantly for what seems to be no reason! She finds it

impossible not to scratch herself to shreds. I think the most common

phrase uttered in our house (other than "I love you, Megan!") is "Don't

Scratch". I must have uttered than millions of times. It is

heartbreaking to see her in this condition. Her whole body itches with

concentrations at her wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, and ears. She has

scabs and cuts most of the time from scratching herself. We have tried

everything from Benedryl to pinning socks to her clothes over her hands

and feet. If she can't scratch she will rub her itchy parts together

through her clothes (often removing the first layer of skin there). It

is enough to make you crazy!

We have been told to avoid all dairy and beef and occasionally give her

foods that she has a level 1 reaction too (however this does not

coincide with her "scratching episodes"). No lotions seem to help, with

the exception of Elocon which will over a course of 4 to 5 days will

clear up the dry and cracked areas of skin. However, I don't feel

comfortable always medicating her with cortisone. The symptoms also get

worse when she is teething or sick. We do have an epi-pen around at all

times and a nebulizer since she has had problems breathing (accompanied

of course by the itchy rash). 

We have had her tested for allergies to environmental variables. She is

allergic to cat (4) and dog (3), but not to dust mites. We gave away our

cat hoping the symptoms would go away but they have not.

I'm sure we can't have her tested for every food in the world and will

have to risk giving her new things to eat. Megan is also very small

(less than 5th percentile for weight) and is a picky eater, she gets

bored of food easily (who can blame her she has chicken, pork, and rice

at least two meals a day.)

I want to know if there is something else we should be testing her for

(ie. like some immune system problem, it seems she has a food allergy to

almost everything), If there is anything else we can do, and if not, is

there anything we can get to treat the symptoms more effectively (4 or 5

days is a VERY long time to tolerate this). I am also afraid she will be

perminately scarred (both physically and mentally).

Any help would be GREATLY apprecated!

Thank You,

Rosa Brower

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