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John Hural jhural at emory.edu
Sat Jan 18 11:43:33 EST 1997

.................... So I am
> trying something new. In addition to Janeway and Travers, they will read
> "AIDS Update" by Gerald Stine, focusing on the immunology of AIDS. Each
> student, then, will work on a single topic about AIDS, focusing on the
> immunology of AIDS, not the virology or the epidemiology. So I need topics.
> All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
> Ralph A. Sorensen
> Professor and Chairman
> Biology Department, Gettysburg College
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Hi Ralph,
   I am just finishing my Phd in immunology and have a lot of ideas about
the teaching of immunology. One is the use of a great issue of Scientific
American, Sept '92, I think. And although that sounds old, the whole issue
is dedicated to immunology and is an incredible teaching tool.  In some
sections the information has been updated since then, but I would not say
that any of it is wrong.  It is great for undergraduate level teaching.
Your students could write on sections of this issue which is much more
oriented towards looking at the forest, not just the trees!  And that way
you won't be limiting yourself to AIDS related immunology only, that
sounds quite narrow to me, immunology is a very broad field.
   There was also an issue of Cell, I think also in '92 in which the
reviews and minireviews were immunology.  Also check out the articles in
Immunology Today, they are all reviews and could easily be utilized as
teaching tools, and they are quite cutting edge.

      Hope this is of some help, let me know,

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