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(Salmen H. Siham (Prof. Fac. de Medicina)) writes: 
>Can anyone please help? I need the e-mail address of Dr. Tsang Victor.

Let me interject--I also have some individual e-mail addresses I'd like
help finding, but more fundamentally:  are there any good search
engines for e-mail addresses of scientists?  Four11 (much praised by PC
Magazine) has not been very helpful.  I am a member of and have
directories for several professional societies (e.g. Soc. for
Neurosci.) but theyh are incomplete even for their own members, and
soon out of date.

Just for now, does anyone know email addr for: C. Rollinson, L. Coward,
D. Parry, S. Franey, or R. Egleton? (located in England?) Presented
paper on mast cells in the brain, first BING conference (abstract in

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>Victor. I believe he works at Parasitic Diseases Branch, Centers for 
>Diseases Control. If anyone can help please e-mail me.

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