Delerium without fever

K. Weber kweber at
Mon Jan 20 00:06:07 EST 1997

	I just went through a hellish week.  I had an infection which was
either viral or bacterial which caused delerium, but, it did not raise my
temperature which is generally sub-normal.  Does anyone know what causes
this sort of phenomenon?  Whatever it was went away as a secondary
bacterial infection subsided or was penicillin sensitive and primary since
the delerium has gone away as I've taken penicillin.  I started taking it
because I developed severe conjuctivitis.  This was about four days after
the delerium started.  I'm glad to have come to myself now.
	I was glad to have the antibiotic on hand since the hospital did
nothing.  This is the first instance of anything like this in my life and
I didn't like it.  I have CFIDS.


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