Yeast antibodies

Paul Whitley pawh at
Mon Jan 20 09:47:12 EST 1997

Hi, my name is Paul Whitley and am looking for an antibody against the
yeast Pityrosporum orbiculare (preferably against a soluble cytoplasmic
protein). An antibody that recognises a conserved protein in a wide
range of organisms including yeasts would be just as useful. The protein
to which the antibody is against should preferably be stable and not
readily degraded. We hope to use the antibody in an ELISA to check for
cell lysis by looking at protein released into the media. If anybody has
any suggestions as to antibodies we may use and how we may obtain them
we would be very grateful. Thanks in advance Paul Whitley pawh at  
Arezou Zargari arza at

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