Want to find a foundation in NZ or AU that can help with money.

Anna-Karin Soderberg Anna-Karin.Soderberg at eu.pharmacia.com
Tue Jan 21 06:04:30 EST 1997

Hi there !

Are there someone that nows about any foundation in New Zeeland or 
in Australia that can help with money to afford treatment ?

I have a friend down there who is suffering from several immunologic 
diseases and is in a big need of help.
Though she is on antibiotics and not always respond to it.
She dosn't have any help from here husband at all or no financial 
help either.And she lost here child five years ago.

She needs money to afford Gammaglobulin so she will be better,
and not have to take so much mediciation.
There are clinics that shows if you get gammaglobulin 
your immunologic system handle infections better.

I am no good in expleining it but I have this deseas mysels 
and hav had a lot of help by injections of gammaglobulin.

Any help or tips will be good to have and are apreciated.

Mail to me Anna-Karin.Soderberg at eu.Pharmacia.com
or direct to Cheryl Barnett at: barnett at manawatu.gen.nz

Thanks in advance Anna-Karin

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