Delerium without fever

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>	I just went through a hellish week.  I had an infection which was
>either viral or bacterial which caused delerium, but, it did not raise
>temperature which is generally sub-normal.  Does anyone know what
>this sort of phenomenon?  Whatever it was went away as a secondary
>bacterial infection subsided or was penicillin sensitive and primary
>the delerium has gone away as I've taken penicillin.  I started taking
>because I developed severe conjuctivitis.  This was about four days
>the delerium started.  I'm glad to have come to myself now.
>	I was glad to have the antibiotic on hand since the hospital did
>nothing.  This is the first instance of anything like this in my life
>I didn't like it.  I have CFIDS.
>						Kathleen

This is VERY, VERY interesting!

  Possibly you've seen my posting, asking people with CFS and other
chronic disorders with variaable day-to-day severity to monitor the
variability and send me dat for at least 2-3 weeks. 

What strikes me in your account is that it might illustrate a
dissociability of different IL-1 (interleukin-one) effects: normally,
administered as a cancer treatment (OR induced by infection), it causes
fever, impaired cognition, etc.; but the fever and the cognitive
effects can be separated.  For one thing, endogenous processes
apparently produce tolerance to the pyrogenic effect but NOT to the
cognitive effects, which may be severe enough to curtail treatment.

Relevance of allergic reactions is quite plausible (cf. relationships
of mast cells and IL-1).

It is also plausible that your having CFS shows an as yet unexplored
basis for vulnerability for this sort of thing--not only in what yu
describe, but in other contexts as well.

Suspect same mechanisms involved in the conjunctivitis also.  Did yu
have any photophobia? Other symptoms you didn't mention?

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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