mouse ab on mouse section

Soonmyoung Paik, M.D. spaik at
Fri Jan 24 22:12:35 EST 1997

Actually there is a kit called Histomark (i could be wrong in exact name 
for it) from Zymed that is used for blocking non-specific binging when 
you use mouse Ab on mouse sections. 
(ususal disclaimers apply)
e-mail me if you do not have the contact number for Zymed.
Soon Paik
NSABP Pathology

sunkdym at wrote:
> I am having the problem that I want to use a mouse antibody on mouse
> cryostatsections. So I have to come back with a anti-mouse PO.
> Are there any ways to overcome the background this will give????
> Please e-mail me your suggestions.
> Menno de Winther  mennow at
> Dear menno de Winther:
> The background was usually caused by the Fc receptor on mouse cell. so if you
> use a mouse antibody on mouse cryostatsections, the antibody will bind to
> cryostatsections by Fab to the antigen or by Fc to Fc receptor. I do not know
> what kind of antibody you used, perhaps you could try to:
> 1.block the Fc receptor by rabbit serum if the background was not caused by B
> cells on the cryostatsections (because B cells have membrane Ig). and
> 2.label your antibody directly with enzyme.
> I hope these will improve it a lot.
> wish you good luck in your experiment.
> Sun Kai
> e-mail:sunkdym at
> Depert. of Immunology
> The fourth Military Medical University
> Xi'an, 710032
> PR China

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