Human anti-mouse antibodies/ imaging of tumors

jmhenry at jmhenry at
Fri Jan 24 19:59:12 EST 1997

	I am curious to know the following (or any related) information,
if anyone can help it would be great and I thank you in advance.

1)	What percentage of the U.S. or World or any defined population
(i.e.oncology patients) has human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA) ? 
2)	Of the population having HAMA what percentage are directed towards
whole IgG's vs Fab's or F(ab')2's.  This may also be estimated or guessed
at if someone knows what the most prevalently used mouse antibody is in
human medicine.

Also, I looked for an oncology newsgroup but couldn't find one, could
someone direct me towards a more appropriate forum?   

Thanks again,

Jean-Manuel Henry

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