Class I HEL epitopes needed

gunther vicky ( bs biol) vgunth1 at
Mon Jan 27 19:18:57 EST 1997

I am in need of class I-restricted HEL peptides. I have been searching the 
literature and  have found the following peptides:
	HEL1-17 (H-2k), this peptide stimulates both a CD8+ and a CD4+
	HEL70-78 (H-2b). 
I am looking for peptides that specifically stimulate a CD8+ response when
injected into mice. I will be working with two tumor models; a BALB/c
derived tumor (H-2d), and an A/J derived tumor (H-2k/d). Therefore, I
need HEL peptides for use in each tumor model. If you have any information
that can help me in my search, or perhaps you know of someone that I may
contact please respond.

		Vicky Gunther
		vgunth1 at

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