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I myself have questioned about that for a long time. The answer is in
alloreactivity (if you want to do some research)...

The fact is that the MHC molecules are diferent from one person to other..
are not THAT diferent. The main difference is in the aminoacid sequence of
groove in the MHC molecule. So the portion of the MHC that interacts with
TCR from T8 is the same. So T8 cells will attack the graft cause the
that are in the groove (usually endogenous peptides) are recognized as

This explanation is probably not very correct. So please everybody... let's
to make it better. Thanks.

Bernardo F. 


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> I'm a french teacher and I wish ask the question:
> How do we explain that T8 kill graft cells?
> T8 must recognize MHC + a peptide and also B7 protein; but
> both MHC, in the case of graft cell and T8 are differents.
> The only fact, that both MHC are so differents, is enough?
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