5 sisters with autoimmune diseases

RSommo rsommo at aol.com
Tue Jan 28 00:07:46 EST 1997

 If I am in the wrong forum, please forgive me, and point me in the right
 I am one of six sisters, who I will refer to as A - F, with A being the
 oldest.  The sisters present the following illnesses:
 A: Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus Er...(sp?), Hypothyroidism
 B: Hypothyroidism, Mitral Valve Prolapse
 C: Mitral Valve Prolapse
 D: Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, and something that causes
 her body to produce too much cortisone (can't remember the name.)
 E: Rheumatoid Arthritis (onset at age 6), Systemic Lupus
 F: Hypothyroidism
 I realize that the Mitral valve prolapse is not really a disease, and is
 probably not related, but I included it for completeness.  All of these
 conditions were diagnosed in early adulthood, except the arthritis. 
 Several of the conditions are quite severe, and have resulted in much
 spent in the ICU.  All of the sisters are currently doing quite well,
 thank God.  
 My question is related to the fact that none of these illnesses were ever
 known to exist in any prior generation in the family.  And so far, thank
 God again, nothing has shown up in the next generation (our children)
 except a severe case of psoriasis (an 11 year old boy, 70% coverage,
 at age 4).  Then again, only one of our children has reached her 20's,
 we're still holding our collective breath.
   What could have happened?  Doctors tend to give me a blank look when I
 ask.  If you'd like any more background information, please let me know. 

 Thank you for anything you can tell me-
 Robin Sommo
 (in case you're wondering, I am sister C.  Feeling very lucky and

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