Yeast antibodies

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Tue Jan 28 15:13:15 EST 1997

Paul Whitley wrote:
> Hi, my name is Paul Whitley and am looking for an antibody against the
> yeast Pityrosporum orbiculare (preferably against a soluble cytoplasmic
> protein). An antibody that recognises a conserved protein in a wide
> range of organisms including yeasts would be just as useful. The protein
> to which the antibody is against should preferably be stable and not
> readily degraded. We hope to use the antibody in an ELISA to check for
> cell lysis by looking at protein released into the media. If anybody has
> any suggestions as to antibodies we may use and how we may obtain them
> we would be very grateful. Thanks in advance Paul Whitley pawh at
> Arezou Zargari arza at

Perhaps this will help.
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TI   Identification of allergen components of the opportunistic yeast
     Pityrosporum orbiculare by monoclonal antibodies

AU   Zargari, A.; Haerfast, B.; Johansson, S.; Johansson, S. G. O.;
     Scheynius, A.

CS   Dep. Clin. Immunol., Karolinska Hosp., Stockholm, S-104 01, Swed.
SO   Allergy (Copenhagen) (1994), 49(1), 50-6

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