PDGF antibodies?

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at cas.org
Wed Jan 29 12:07:02 EST 1997

Jim Wu wrote:
> I am looking for PDGF antibodies, preferably reactive against native,
> human material, which I assume must cover all of the isoforms:  AA,
> AB, and BB.  In addition, it is important that this antibody can be
> used for:
> 1)  neutalising activity in proliferative assays
> 2)  coupling to a column gel for removing PDGF from cell supernatants
> I have tried R&D Systems polyclonal #AB-23-NA in my bioassay, and it
> did not appear to neutralise activity under my particular conditions
> at a concentration of 10ug/ml  (ab was preincubated with std for 2 hrs
> and compared to an IgG control).  It does work well, however, in
> Western blots.
> Please email me, if you have any suggestions.
> thanks in advance,
> jim_wu at berlex.com

These researchers used a MAb against the B subunit. You might get in
contact with
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