Isolation of lymphocytes from the intestine: need help

Gum Gum at
Wed Jan 29 10:05:26 EST 1997

Joseph J Mattapallil <jjmattapallil at> wrote in article
<5cc34a$7p4$1 at>...
> Hi collegues,
> I am trying to isolate lymphocytes from the intestine of mice and a 
> couple of other of species. Does anybody out there have a protocol for 
> which I can use. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks.
> Joseph Mattapallil
> e-mail: jjmattapallil at
Ok, call me stupid or silly for the advice.
Why don't you get from the peritoneal?
For you own experiments?
if so, ok I would try to find a protocol for ya ok?



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