GTPase assay for low molecular weight GTP binding proteins

paris paris at merck.com
Tue Jul 1 16:11:51 EST 1997

Patti W. Jareo wrote:
> I am attempting to determine whether the low molecular weight
> GTP-binding protein I have detected is also exhibiting GTPase activity.
> I have found numerous references for assays, mostly measuring activity
> in subunit-type G proteins, however.  I am still following up some leads
> in the literature, but if anyone could point me at a specific assay, it
> would help tremendously!

> Patti W. Jareo, Ph.D.
> Creighton University
> Omaha NE  68178

I seem to remember running across GTPase references back in 1991 and the 
data may have been from 1989. Take a look at Medline for those years and 
you may run into something about it.


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