Aspergillus and Nitric Oxide

paris paris at merck.com
Tue Jul 1 16:07:01 EST 1997

qball at wickerman.demon.co.uk wrote:
> Does anyone know where I might find information on aspergillus and
> nitric oxide, i.e. macrophage production of nitic oxide to combat
> aspergillus. I have limited access to journals and need to find some
> stuff on the web. Any suggestions much appreciated.

If you can get to a university library or a tech library look up Medline 
for the abstracts, which the university should be able to then locate 
articles for you, and make copies of the specific pages.

Also I know that alot of the big companies Ciba-Geigy, Merck, J&J are 
working on N-O so look up their web sites may have publications on there.

Also look up the Federal Register for links to sites. Other places would 
be pharmaceutical conferences that present posters/abstracts. They have 
publications that can be purchased.

A good place to start is CPDD I know there have been posters presented on 
NO there. CPDD stands for Congress of Problems on Drug Dependence. Again 
best place to start is at the library.

Take a look at the bionet groups for conferences.


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