Blocking class II processing in vivo

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N. Sheikh <rhgf001 at mailrelay.qmw.ac.uk> wrote:
>I am trying to block the class II antigen processing pathway in mice - has
>anyone tried this ?
>I am thinking of using Chloroquine - does anybody have any ideas on doses ?

I don't know if anyone has done much with this - it seems kind of tricky to do
systemically.  For one thing, the proteases thought to be involved in Class II
processing are probably important in other cellular functions, especially 
normal cellular protein turnover.  FWIW, chloroquine concs. of 100-200
micromolar are sufficient to block most processing in vitro, but I don't know
what effect that might have on the viability of non-presenting cells.

>Or are there any alternatives - even knockout mice...which are defective in
>class II processing ?

Aside from the Class II knockouts, there are two that might be useful.  Both 
invariant chain and H-2M knockouts have presentation defects, although neither 
stems from problems processing antigens per se.  Neither is a complete block -
invariant chain KO's have reduced cell-surface Class II, and an altered 
repertoire of peptides bound.  The H-2M KO has the majority of cell-surface
Class II molecules occupied by the invariant chain-derived CLIP.

A lot depends on *why* you want to block Class II processing.


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