Parasite Immunochemistry

Sharron Bannan s.bannan at vetp.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jul 9 06:54:27 EST 1997


Has anyone had any experience staining Haemonchus contortus (blood-sucking 
parasitic nematode of sheep) sections?  Thus far, I have found them to have 
endogenous peroxidase activity, autofluorescence (which limits the use of FITC 
labelled antibodies to an extent) and endogenous avidin-binding activity 
(which interferes with streptavidin-biotin labelled systems).  Now, after 
tackling the avidin-binding problem successfully, I find that the secondary 
antibody (goat anti-mouse) also binds directly to the worm gut - blocking with 
various agents including gelatin, skim milk powder and normal serum has failed 
to quench the non-specific signal.

I have been unable to find anything in the literature re staining of 
Haemonchus intestine with any antibody systems- has anyone had any success in 
this area?

Thanks in advance,


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