Hemophagocytosis Syndrome. Help rescue Veronica

Paul I. Roda, M.D., F.A.C.P. paulroda at epix.net
Wed Jul 9 06:55:46 EST 1997

Nico Tranquilli wrote:

> Veronica is a girl nine years old.
> She, as her sister Maria Grazia who died a year ago, suffers from
> Hemophagocytosis Syndrome. She has often a very high and continuous
> temperature (treated with antibiotics), her spleen and her liver are
> enlarged, and she has a brain inflammation ("phlogosis", treated with
> cortisone)
> and viral infection. Her blood tests are generally altered, with low
> platelet levels.
> Please, her sister died of the same illness at the age of 10 after
> much pain.
> This is a rare disease, and the family needs to gather as much
> information as
> possible about it, and about hospitals and doctors specialized in the
> treatment
> of this syndrome all over the world.
> For any help, please contact:
> Miss Vizzari
> Medcenter Container Terminal
> Area Terminal Contenitori
> 89013 - Gioia Tauro (RC)
> Italy
> Tel. +39-966-7141
> Fax: +39-966-714261
> E-mail address: veronica at nikos.com

 Try oncolink.upenn.edu -- there's a lot of pediatric information on
this page supplied by the Children's Hospital of Phila. It might be
worth traveling to see Beverly Lange at Childrens

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