Rat antibody isotype levels?

George Gutman gagutman at UCI.EDU
Thu Jul 10 12:03:10 EST 1997

See my chapter in Wier's Handbook of Experimental Immunology; the 5th
edition just appeared, but this information has not changed since the
4th edition.  It shows ranges of "normal" values for the different rat
Ig isotypes together with half-lives and other biological properties,
and probably more citations than you want to read.  The nominal serum
levels (mg/mg) are shown below:

IgM     0.2-1
IgG1    0.5-6
IgG2a   3-8
IgG2b   1-2
IgG2c   0.3-2.5
IgA     0.02-0.13
IgD     0.01-0.1
IgE     0.001-0.02

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