Rick Bungiro Richard_Bungiro at brown.edu
Fri Jul 11 01:08:48 EST 1997

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<Pine.GSO.3.95.970710120228.8855A-100000 at bullwinkle.ucdavis.edu>, David
Verhoeven <ez052183 at mailbox.ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> I will be conducting an Elisa on isotypes within mac. monkey serum against
> challenge.  Does anyone know where I might be able to locate either anti
> monkey IgG2a or anti human IgG2a?  I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

I'm not sure about monkeys, but humans don't actually have "IgG2a", but
rather "IgG2".  In any case, you can find isotype-specific anti-human
antibodies from Zymed or PharMingen.  Good luck!


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