IL-1 and pain

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 10 22:18:01 EST 1997

IL-1 is involved in various painful conditions, and in direct
application (of exogenous IL-1) seems to have a biphasic effect on pain
mechanisms, but I want to ask the question the other way around:

Does anyone know of evidence for IL-1 production being stimulated by
pain?  i.e., not by something messy, like an infection which with or
without accompanying pain would elicit it, but by neat, aseptic pain,
e.g. by electric shock or thermal stimulation?

Considering the many "non-immunological" things which can stimulate it
(e.g. restraint stress), it seems a likely possibility--but do you know
of any direct evidence?

I'm especially interested in production in brain sites, but will gladly
look at studies of peripheral IL-1 production.

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