Help! Vbeta elimination in BALB/c

Justin Reese jreese at cellmate.cb.uga.edu
Sat Jul 12 01:42:36 EST 1997


I was wondering if I someone might be able to help me;  I am trying to
find a Vbeta chain in BALB/c that is eliminated upon negative selection in
the thymus.  Preferably this would also be one that is present in
easily detectable numbers _before_ negative selection, too.  I could also
use either CBA/caJ or C57Bl/6 if anyone knows of a scheme I could use in
these mice instead.

Also, one more request for help.  I tried the above experiment with
Vbeta17a (based on something I read in Abbas), only to discover that
BALB/c has kind of a peculiar Vbeta17 gene (deleted? Vbeta17b?).  Can
anyone clarify this matter for me - does BALB/c express a Vbeta17 gene, or
is this gene non-functional?  A reference and/or a quick explanation
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Justin Reese
University of Georgia
Department of Cellular Biology
jreese at cellmate.cb.uga.edu                                                    

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