Best Mannatech Medical/Scientific Evidence Web Site -- Now Updated

Eugene P. Mortimore geneepm at juno.com
Fri Jul 11 03:00:00 EST 1997

Best Mannatech Medical/Scientific Evidence Web Site -- Now Updated

  Using a thorough medical/scientific literature search, I just 
  finished assembling the best Medical/Scientific evidence for 
  the Mannatech Ambrotose products. I then placed all of the 
  evidence on the Web in easily readable color-formatted Web Site 

    goto:   http://clever.net/at/immune-system/breakthroughs.html

  There, in part, you will see the text of 22 Published Journal 
  Research Articles summarazing research findings of work done 
  principally at the University of Texas Houston Medical Center.

  Please especially read Section IX:

    "Summary of Journal Article Citations". 

  This research summary was written by Dr. Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. 
  -- author of eight books and three documentaries on 
  cancer-related topics. He is an advisor on alternative cancer 
  treatments to the National Institutes of Health, Columbia 
  University, and the University of Texas.

  This new Web Site also includes newly released research 
  articles on the benefits of Mannatech Ambrotose products on 
  ADD/ADHD, Alcoholism and Obesity. Soon to come are research 
  articles on CFS/CFIDS and Fibromylagia. Very positive evidence 
  now also exists for big help with MS and depression. These new 
  research results will be added later as they are released.

  I also added the text of some key US Patents, key book 
  references and a very helpful discussion of the immune system 
  by the Cancer Research Institute. 

  Finally, please also note the new involvement with Mannatech 
  products of the National Academy of Child Development!!! See 
  their excerpted discussion of their new Mannatech Phytochemical 
  study in the Web Site section on ADD/ADHD.

  These products work so effectively in so many disease areas by 
  enhancing the immune system. I believe the evidence is there.          

  Please go have a look -- and judge for yourself.

  For further information or product help, please contact me at: 

     geneepm at juno.com OR carolconn at juno.com


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