IL-1 and pain

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In <5q48l9$1vo at dfw-ixnews9.ix.netcom.com> flefever at ix.netcom.com(F.
Frank LeFever) writes: 
>IL-1 is involved in various painful conditions, and in direct
>application (of exogenous IL-1) seems to have a biphasic effect on
>mechanisms, but I want to ask the question the other way around:
>Does anyone know of evidence for IL-1 production being stimulated by
>pain?  i.e., not by something messy, like an infection which with or
>without accompanying pain would elicit it, but by neat, aseptic pain,
>e.g. by electric shock or thermal stimulation?
>Considering the many "non-immunological" things which can stimulate it
>(e.g. restraint stress), it seems a likely possibility--but do you
>of any direct evidence?
>I'm especially interested in production in brain sites, but will
>look at studies of peripheral IL-1 production.
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