help with fixing suspension cell for staining

brendon priceb at biochem.unp.ac.za
Sun Jul 13 11:40:46 EST 1997


You could spin down your cells and reconstitute them into a small volume
[up to 1ml] and then spot a 200 microlitre drop onto glass microscope
slides coated with 1% poly-L-lysine.  This would adhere the cells while
still keeping them alive.  Alternatively, you can differentiate the U937
cells into macrophages by adding 1 micromolar
phorbol-12myrisate-13-acetate, 1% DMSO or by heat shock treatment at 42 deg
cessius for 1 hour.  upon differentiation, the cells become adherent, so
you can stain directly [after fixing them with paraformaldehyde and
permeabilising them with either triton x-100 or saponin].

good luck

brendon price

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