96-well plate harvester

Mizuno Postmaster at mizuno.com
Thu Jul 17 01:46:24 EST 1997

I HATE that Scatron harvester!  They make a cheap 12 well version that
is acceptable, in a pinch.
A "good" one that I like is the Tomtec 96 well harvester.
You need a good in-house vacuum line or a vacuum pump that you can buy
from them, and you ALSO need an in-house air line or a compressor for
the wash fluid reservoirs.  The only thing that I do NOT like about
the Tomtec is the fact that even after tweaking the wash times, the
unit generates more waste than other havesters on the market.
Mark Mizuno
Scientist at Mizuno.com

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997 08:59:37 +0100, ghermans at luc.ac.be (Guy Hermans)

>In article <I.McFarlane-1507971137540001 at mac052034.lif.icnet.uk>,
>I.McFarlane at icrf.icnet.uk (Ian McFarlane) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anybody got any recomendations of a good and/or cheap 96-well plate
>> harvester for radiolabell incorporation assays?
>> Ian Mc
>Hy Ian,
>we currently use the Scatron betaplate harvester; it's fully automated,
>programmable and has several inlets plus hot/cold separate outlets. Will
>harvest on glass fiber mats very efficiently (but we only use it for
>non-adherent cells - no guarantees on others!)

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