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Gernot Ernst ernst at ukrv.de
Fri Jul 18 03:27:57 EST 1997

New scientific discussion group:

Psychoneuroimmunology is a fast developing interdisciplinary research field. More and more 
evidence has been found about relationships between psychoneruoimmunological modulations abd 
chronifications processes of pain. To promote scientific exchange and discussion in 
this field a closed discussion group. Any participant of usenet-groups knows the usual 
problems: Spams (multiple messages sent simultaneously to several groups), different levels of 
information etc. Our goal is to establish cooperation between different research groups, to 
have a common platform of presenting new results, to help new groups and young researchers, in 
all to be an informal place with high output. 

The group is open to any Scientist and/ or Clicnician actively involved in one or both of the 
fields pni or (chronic) pain

To subsribe, write an e-mail with short description of your working field to:

ernst at ukrv.de

Don’t be frustrated, when answer don’t come within hours...

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