Req: The "new theory" of immunol.

Larry Pike-Nobile ez063669 at mailbox.ucdavis.edu
Fri Jul 18 11:09:41 EST 1997


I think you've been hearing about the NIH-NIAID's Polly Matzinger and her
provocative (and intriguing) Danger Hypothesis. I won't go into it here,
but you should check http://www.dejanews.com for past bionet.immunology
discussions (and Polly's posting of what the theory is).  If you really
want to go into this, start with her chapter in the 1994 Annual Review of

As for traveling the planet--NIH travel budgets aren't what they used to


..I keep hearing about some woman that is touring the planet, preaching 
..about a new theory for our basic understanding of immunology.  Is this 
..woman a phantom or does she exist?  Has she published her theory, and where?
..url     : http://www.brunel.ac.uk:8080/~bb95asl/                      
..finger  : bb95asl at venus.brunel.ac.uk

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