Invitation to a dialog.

D Choma d-choma at att.net
Fri Jul 18 21:38:59 EST 1997


I have seen several posts by you recently. I see that you
hold the position of Director of Professional Relations
for Cancer-Therapeutics, Inc.

I have been around for a long time. I began treatment
at NCI in 1983; my original medical oncologist
was Marc Lippman who now heads the Lombardi
Center at Georgetown. I believe I remember that
back in the mid-80's Dr. Robert Oldham (I assume
you are related; am I correct?) split off in order
to apply promising experiment therapies earlier than they
would otherwise be utilized. I believe that it was quite
controversial at the time, but it seemed like a reasonable
idea to me. Is my memory correct?

Since my cancer did not recurr until NOV 1996, I have
lost the thread of cancer therapy and cancer politics in the
last 10 to 12 years. However, since Dr Roda suggested
to someone that he contact Dr. Oldham, so Dr. Oldham
must have been successful.

I am still being treated at NCI for what is now Metastaic
Breat Cancer, although I could be terminated at any point.
I would be glad to discuss my disease with you on this
newsgroup, but that is not the point of this message.

Instead, I am interested in establishing a public dialog or
thread in this newgroup where I (or others) could address
questions about Cancer-Therapeutics to you and recieve
answers that might be of use to all the newsgroup readers.
A lot of readers come here looking for therapies for
difficult conditions. Would you consider establishing such
a dialog with me?

Sincerely,  Donna Choma

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