universite d'ete sur le SIDA

Bruno Spire spirou at inserm-U372.univ-mrs.fr
Wed Jul 16 12:11:17 EST 1997

In article <33C8FCF5.5E10 at inav.net>, Robert Jensen <rjjensen at inav.net> wrote:

> If you want to post to this newsgroup in French so be it, but you should
> realize only a very small percentage of regular participants will be
> able to understand. So if your goal is to get your message out to only a
> handful of people posting in french will work.
> rjj

My purpose is to give this information to french language  speaking people
since this seminar which is for students or researchers leaving in France
will be hold in France and in french. Sorry for the others, it is already
difficult to organize such seminar (interaction between basic and medical
science and community action )at the domestic level.

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