Questions about cytokines?

Sudhir Chhikara chhikara at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 22 15:05:36 EST 1997


	I have a few questions about how cytokines produce changes in the body.  I
have been have some
interesting symptoms that seem difficult to diagnose.  I've had three
distinct symptoms over the last three
years that come at the same time.  After doing some research on the net, I
found that they could be
explained by cytokines behaving badly :)  The following are my questions
relating to this.

	1.  Are cytokines involved in skeletal muscle fatigue and weakness?
	2.  Are cytokines involved in sleepyness?
	3.  Are cytokines involved with inflamation of the colon?

	If so, then my last question becomes, what could cause a overproduction of
cytokines for an extened 
period of time.  My symptoms seem to come in attacks of 2-4 weeks.  It is
possible that you could have 
an cytokine overproduction for that duration of time.  Any help is
appreciated since my doctor don't have
any direction to search.

Sudhir Chhikara
chhikara at sympatico.ca

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