strange autoimmune desease - chororetinitis?

Edgar Haegele EdgarHaegele at t-online.de
Sat Jul 19 05:07:01 EST 1997

Hello all,

a friend of mine, 28, female, has a condition diagnosed as 
"chororetinitis". But a search in the web for this keyword was 
unsuccessful. Therefore, I turn to you for further enlightment and 

She suffers from arthritis for almost a decade, now. Therefore, I 
suppose, it's basically an autoimmune desease. In addition, for a 
couple of years, she suffers from surges that repeat in about semi-
annual intervals. During these surges which last for a month or 2, 
she's virtually unable to move - bound to stay in bed. This situation 
goes together with an inflammation of the blood vessel layer below the 
retina of both her eyes. During a surge, her vision is dramatically 
reduced - blurred sight, unable to read. After recessing, scars remain 
in the retina that produce large blind spots in her vision field. On 
the left eye, she's already blind and she was told that in the run of 
a a future surge, she might become definitely blind on both eyes. Her 
permanent drowsiness might be also part of the desease, I don't know.

She doesn't have a clear understanding of her condition and, 
appearently, the doctors are also at a loss. She was already examined 
in a dozen of major clinics here in Germany (she's a German nationale) 
with no definitive result as to the cause of these symptoms and her 
overall condition.

Does anyone of you know about this condition or where to obtain 
specific information? Are there other newsgroups or mailing lists that 
are more appropriate for this subject? I'd highliy appreciate any 
hint, since she's in a desperate situation.

Thank you very much in advance
EdgarHaegele at t-online.de

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