Req: The "new theory" of immunol.

Frank Vari eqfvari at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Tue Jul 22 12:32:51 EST 1997

Cyrille Gimenez wrote:
> what is this new theorie ?

I don't exactly know what you mean but the most recent theoretical
standpoint that has shifted (is shifting) in Immunology is related to
the concept of danger and the immune system, the idea is that the
repertoire of expressed self antigens changes in response to "danger
signals" and this change combined with the appropriate secondary signals
(cytokines) results in immune responsiveness. The basic and difficult to
really articulate concept here is that DANGER SIGNALS produced by any
tissue causes immune activation. This is especially relevant to
transplantation because if the transplant does not present a danger to
the immune system then it should be tolerated.... This concept is
dicussed very elegantly by Polly Matzinger in her article ...Tolerance ,
Danger and the Extended family ...Ann Rev Immunol  1994, v12,

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