Hydrogen peroxide and Superoxide

Eric A. Wadman wadman at a1.lldmpc.umc.dupont.com
Mon Jul 28 08:15:10 EST 1997

spaul at rex.uokhsc.edu wrote:
> I am looking for an assay to estimate the amount of Hydrogen peroxide
> and superoxide produced by antigen stimulated macrophages. I tried a
> couple of the methods from papers but without any luck. I dont know
> where I am going wrong. Is anyone out there who have done assays like
> this and can share their expertise with me? Thank you very much in
> advance.
> SPaul


Sigma sells a kit for doing leucocyte (myeloperoxidase) peroxidase 
assays.  From what I understand, it is a straight-forward.  Check out 
the Diagnostic Kit and Reagent section of the Sigma catalog.

Eric Wadman

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