Wanted: TNFa knock out macrophages

Dirk Seegert dseegert at aol.com
Wed Jun 4 15:40:31 EST 1997

Hi there,

I'm involved in studying regulatory mechanisms of TNFa expression. For
this pupose I have made some TNF construct which I want now to
transfect into macrophage cellines to see whether they are inducible
by different stimuli. What I'm looking for are one or more human
macrophage cellines (THP-1 or U937 prefered) which are not able to
produce TNFa after stimulation with LPS or IFNg.

Is anybody able to provide me with such cells. May be a collaboration
is possible!?

Looking forward for your answer

Dirk Seegert, Ph.D.
Fraunhofer Institute
Dept. Immunobiology
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D-30625 Hannover

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