New MAB to superantigene

Sinenko Sergey Anatolievich sergey at
Thu Jun 5 00:05:26 EST 1997

Dear audience,

We have obtained  monoclonal antibody to immobilized ( not free )
superantigen staphilococcal  enterotoxin A (SEA). We are interested the
research by  MAb of action  mechanism SEA as immunomodulator (action on NK cells) . 
We search for to the interested researchers therefore to a question, form of
collaboration can be from the granting MAb up to joint Grants.
We wait for the proposals.
Thank you
Sergey Sinenko A. 
Junior scientific employee

480012, Kazakstan, Almaty, Ajtkhozhin`s
Institute of Molecular Biology
and Biochemistry (IMBB), 86 Michurin St.
Tel. 7(3272)347092,
E-male: adm at

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