Route of immunisation????

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Jun 4 23:05:06 EST 1997

>>Hello everyone,
>>                                                        I am pretty
confuse here about the route of immunisation!!!  I am 
>>currently working with a mouse model where I take my protein antigen
>>Freund's adjuvant.... and immunised the victim via intraperitoneal
>>.... in the hope of stimulating a good systemic response as well as
>>T-cells reponse....
>>                                                However, I have been
receiving advice from people (immunologists) 
>>and found that ip. immunisation is not a good way to go about if I
>>a good systemic/T-cells reponse.....  They all recommended
>>injection or intradermal injection....
>>                                        Problem is I am so used to
ip. route immunisation and my work have 
>>been sort of based on ip. immunisation.... and things have not been 
>>working very well for me... and on the other hand, if I change the
>>of immunisation.. then my work is sort of down the drain!!!!
>>                                        Does anyone have any insight
to this!!!!?????  Please!!!??
>>Thank you!!!!
>>Grace Ho  PhD student
>>Curtin University of Technology
>>Western Australia
>>Email:  EHO17 at
>If the only reason you have to continue with i.p. immunization is that
>are used to it, maybe you should review your entire approach to
>			Omar O. Barriga

    Maybe Omar should review HIS approach to research.  My inference is
    that she does not want to change the route IN THE MIDDLE OF A      
    STUDY.  Besides the merely "formal" consideration that one should
    not change details of procedure from subject to subject, there is
    the very real possibility that route may affect potency in ways
    you don't imagine.  Don't have the reference right here, but I
    believe Bruce McEwen (current pres., Society for Neuroscience)
    was one author on recent paper (POSSIBLY in Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci)
    on impact of stress on immunization.  One route may be more
    stressful than the other  (and not just for the researcher!).

    Frank LeFever
    New York Neuropsychology Group

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