Using a drop of blood to check CANCER!!!

Victoria vim at
Sat Jun 7 08:18:08 EST 1997

Chau Huang Kuan wrote:
> Dear everybody,
>         E. Excel international have successfully found a
> method of using a drop of blood to check whether you got cancer or not. We
> already apply the patent of this machine. Next year, 1998, every hospital
> in the world will buy this machine from E. Excel. You will find a label on
> that machine " made in E. Excel". Surprise!!!
>         This is really a amazing news.. Do you know that we can check out the
> cancer
> before it become serious? How many life we can save?

This is wonderful....however blood test for cancer is not new.  CA125 is
one.  In my personal experience they is not always indicative.  I had
cancer and my blood screens (and pap smears) were all clear.  According
to the tests, I had no cancer.  My reality was, I did have cancer.

Victoria		vim at

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